Customer Testimonials
Actual User Demo
"Very exciting stuff. I definitely would not be where I am today without the software. I love it!"
Wilma from Tennessee
A user of the TERM REDUCER program demonstrates it's ease and effectiveness. (Password required).
"We've greatly benefited from using the program and I do recommend it. "
Steve explains how the TERM REDUCER program helps him pay down high credit card debt.
"I am super psyched and I recommend this to everyone."
New Jersey
Susanne explains how the TERM REDUCER program has changed her life for the better.
[On 30-year loan] "We went down to 14 years...two years later we're down below  9 years!"
Mike answers questions about why he joined the program and how much money he is saving. (Password required).
"The amount of money I am going to save on interest payments is mind-blowing."
Jerry was using NBA's Interest Minimizer but was looking for more "advanced" savings.
Linda and John
"It feels really good knowing that we're on track to be able to eventually retire in about 5 years."
Linda and John have 14 years left on their mortgage but are using TERM REDUCER to pay it off in 5 years.


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The Advanced Interest Minimizer (AIM) program is now the TERM REDUCER ™. Some of these testimonials reference the previous name.